Liliana CANO : Income mobility in Ecuador: new evidence from individual income tax returns

LCLiliana CANO

Doctorante en sciences économiques au LEREPS

Université de Toulouse 1 – Capitole

liliana.cano [at]


Domaines de recherche : Économie Publique, Économie Politique, Economie du développement, Distribution de revenus et de la richesse, Inégalités économiques et taxation

Sujet de thèse : Inégalités de revenus, redistribution de la richesse et politique fiscale

La thèse en deux mots : «Cette thèse porte sur  l’évolution des hauts revenus, la mobilité économique et le rôle de l’impôt sur le revenu dans la réduction des inégalités économiques à partir de sources fiscales, dans une économie latino-américaine : Équateur 2004 – 2011. »

Résumé du papier : This paper presents new evidence on the study of income mobility in Ecuador over the period 2004-2011. We utilize longitudinal data of individual income tax returns to measure income mobility both at the top and at the middle of the income distribution, and we find three main empirical results. First, income mobility in Ecuador is low for top incomes; the probability of remaining in the top 1% after one year is nearly 66%, and it remains stable by the end of the period. Second, there is a high degree of mobility for the rest of the income distribution. Individuals are more likely to experience upward mobility than downward mobility, especially those in the middle-income deciles. Third, regression results suggest that the initial position in the income distribution is highly related to the probability of upward or downward mobility. Moreover, having a high school degree is associated with upward income movements. To our knowledge, this is the first time that research has utilized data from individual income tax returns to measure income mobility in Ecuador.

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